• Seasonal Assessment of Groundwater-Dependent Ecosystem Using Monitoring of Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Wetland
  • Chanyoung Jeong1,2·Ji-Woong Choi3·Hee Sun Moon1,2*·Dong-Hun Kim1·Sang-Ho Moon1·Ji Yeon Han1,2,5·Seolran Oh1,2,6·Yongcheol Kim1

  • 1Groundwater Research Center, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
    2Department of Mineral and Groundwater Resources, University of Science and Technology
    3Daon-Eco. Inc.
    4Korea Maritime & Ocean University
    5Hanwool Life Science
    6KOTITI Testing & Research Institute

  • 계절에 따른 습지 내 저서성대형무척추동물 모니터링을 통한 지하수의존생태계 특성 평가
  • 정찬영1,2·최지웅3·문희선1,2*·김동훈1·문상호1·오용화4·한지연1,2,5·오설란1,2,6·김용철1

  • 1한국지질자원연구원 지질환경연구본부 지하수연구센터
    2과학기술연합대학원대학교 광물·지하수자원학과
    6KOTITI 시험연구원

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Wetlands are one of the most representative groundwater dependent ecosystems(GDEs) that require access to groundwater on a permanent or intermittent basis to maintain their biological communities and ecological processes. In this study, the seasonal characteristics of the GDEs in Baekseok Reservoir Wetland were evaluated through the monitoring of the temporal and spatial community of benthic macroinvertebrates in the wetland. The appearance of benthic macroinvertebrates appearance was changed seasonally depending on environmental factors such temperature, precipitation and water level for their habitat and it also showed the clear spatial difference in the wetland. The scores of Diversity index(H’), Richness Index (R1) and the Ecological score of benthic macroinvertebrates (TESB/AESB) were relatively high at St.3 and 4(i.e., north area) where groundwater inflows into wetland(i.e., high 222Rn conc.). The statistical analysis (ANOVA test and PCA) investigated the correlation among the benthic macroinvertebrates’ community, groundwater level, wetland water level and water quality. The results showed that the community of benthic macroinvertebrates at St. 3 and 4 in Baekseok Reservoir Wetlands was spatially dependent on groundwater level and groundwater inflow. The characterization and assessment of GDEs requires understanding the hydrological, biogeochemical and biological process and this study will provide information for characterization and assessment of GDEs.

Keywords: Wetland, Groundwater dependent ecosystem, Baseflow, Groundwater – Surface water interaction, Ecological score of benthic macroinvertebrates

This Article

  • 2021; 26(6): 130-143

    Published on Dec 31, 2021

  • 10.7857/JSGE.2021.26.6.130
  • Received on Dec 3, 2021
  • Revised on Dec 14, 2021
  • Accepted on Dec 14, 2021

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  • Hee Sun Moon
  • 1Groundwater Research Center, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
    2Department of Mineral and Groundwater Resources, University of Science and Technology

  • E-mail: hmoon@kigam.re.kr