• Management Strategies to Improve Recycling of Remediated Soil with Sustained Soil Health
  • Kim Mintchul1·Park Yongha1·Chun Mihee1*·Jung Myungchae2·Kim Jeongwook2

  • 1Universal Environmental Policy Institute, Gyeonggi-Do 14059, Korea
    2Department of Energy Resources and Geosystem Engineering, Sejong University, Seoul 05006, Korea

  • 토양건강성을 고려한 정화토 재활용을 위한 제도 개선
  • 김민철1·박용하1·천미희1*·정명채2·김정욱2

  • 1(주)국제환경정책연구원
    2세종대학교 지구자원시스템공학과

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This review examined the current administrative policies and guidelines for management of reclaimed soils after remediation processes and proposed practical strategies to improve the potential value of the remediated soil as a resource. Three management practices are proposed to facilitate more efficient recycling of remediated soil; obligatory use, quality certification, and tracking of the remediated soils. If properly implemented in utilization of remediated soil, these strategies could contribute to enhancing public safety by assuring soil quality. Such administrative tools, for both suppliers and demanders, are expected to mitigate potential risks associated with the transactions of remediated soil. To enhance the quality assurance process, a soil quality certification combined with the soil health assessment index was proposed. The systematic integration of the suggested practices with soil health assessment can allow to produce optimal results, encompassing affordability, efficiency, and accessibility, which helps establishing more robust ‘Remediated Soil Recycling Management System (RSRMS)’. Subsequent researches should be conducted to develop more effective policies that incorporate soil health assessment tools. The proposed management practices for remediated soil, coupled with soil health assessment, can be a pioneering effort to achieve such goals. By fostering an environmentally friendly policies, the sustainable utilization of remediated soil can be attained. Overall, the proposed strategies can provide a sound framework for responsible and sustainable soil management practices.

Keywords: Remediated soil, Management system, Recycling, Soil heath

This Article

  • 2023; 28(5): 59-67

    Published on Oct 31, 2023

  • 10.7857/JSGE.2023.28.5.059
  • Received on Aug 23, 2023
  • Revised on Oct 20, 2023
  • Accepted on Oct 18, 2023

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